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UD To Continue Collaboration With Confucius Institute

Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki, President of University of Dubai, has signed a continuing letter  of collaboration between University of Dubai and Confucius Institute, retaining the institute as an important partner of UD for another five years, until 2020. The Confucius Institute at the University of Dubai (CIUD) was set up in 2011 jointly by University of Dubai and Ningxia University.

Since its establishment, CIUD has continued to achieve sustainable development based on cooperation between the two universities. CIUD has successively carried out Chinese programmes for local government departments and held cultural activities, which have been highly appreciated by them. Over the past five years, CIUD has enrolled nearly 500 students, of which five have received CI scholarship to study in Ningxia University and other universities in China. CIUD has also successfully hosted and completed a number of major tasks and projects during these years, highlighting the potential for bilateral communication and collaboration. Under the guidance of Confucius Institute Headquarters and with support from both universities, CIUD, a multi-function platform, will continue to function as a major cultural bridge.