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Directors’ Message

Time flying, we recall the uncommon yet vivid years;

Years shuttling, you’ll witness present and glory days.

In the correct leadership of Hanban and in support of NU and UD, CIUD will work hard to take a new step in textbook compilation, localization of teacher training, Chinese language promotion and cultural education communication by taking full advantage of Ningxia region, taking hold in Chinese language necessity of Arab countries students, basing on the reality of CIUD teaching and learning and focusing on Chinese language promotion and cultural communication.

Under the guidance of Hanban and in support of the governments and related departments from both parties, CIUD, a multifunctional platform, will give a full play to the role of a cultural bridge. It will give full play to the advantage of related areas of NU and UD; continuously develop its own potential; sincerely serve China’s reform and opening-up strategy; serve China’s opening-up to the West strategy; serve the construction of Ningxia Pilot Zone of In-land Opening-up Economy and Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone; serve the social and economic development, communication and cultural exchanges of both parties.

With the development of China’s opening-up to the West strategy and Dubai government’s pivot east aims, CIUD will play a more and more important role in Chinese language teaching and cultural development. It will promote international education development by hosting big activities such as Chinese language competitions in Arab countries and research seminars; continuously satisfy the needs of Chinese learning in Arab countries by strengthening development of teaching materials and methods, and training local teacher; promote international Chinese education and Chinese culture in communities and organizations of Arab countries by setting up Confucius Classrooms in primary and middle school and expanding more teaching spots in communities and organizations.

Because it has a long way to go in Dubai, CIUD hopes to get more attention and support so as to make bigger contribution to building more harmonious China Arab relationship and deepening China Arab friendship.