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CIUD successfully became the Preferred Training Partners for UAE Federal Government

March 8, 2015, the UAE Government Human Resources Training Project Department informed CIUD that FAHR will circular General Chinese Language course offered by CI to the Federal entities in MAAREF and fit into the UAE government human resources training project sequence. CIUD successfully became ‘Preferred Training Partners for UAE Federal Government’.

The Government Knowledge Gate “MAAREF” is a strategic initiatives launched by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR). It is the first initiative of its kind aiming at developing a list of best training service providers in the United Arab Emirates in accordance with international standards, and making this list available to ministries and federal government entities to avail from their training services and programs at competitive rates, or free of charge.

The importance of “MAAREF” initiative launched in 2013 stems from the fact that it adopts the directions of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates which constitute the UAE Vision 2021, and the UAE national agenda for the next seven years. The initiative directly supports the implementation of the federal government human resources strategy which is based on developing competent workforce which is capable of positioning the United Arab Emirates as a global leader in key industries. With a view to specialized academic and training programmes, FAHR seeks to sign memoranda of understanding with the leading higher education institutions in the UAE, and opens arms for all training service providers to join “MAAREF” Initiative and take advantage of its material and moral benefits.