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Celebrate Traditional Festival and Build up CI Cultural Communication Brand

- CIUD Celebration of Chinese New Year at Chinese Corner

On February 17, 2015, Confucius Institute at University of Dubai (CIUD) successfully organized the “Chinese New Year” event at Chinese Corner, known as CIUD Cultural Image in classroom 313 at Masaood building. More than 20 UD faculty members and students  celebrated  the Chinese Spring Festival and experienced the exotic traditional culture.

The event took place in a venue decorated with festival red lanterns, calligraphies, pictures and other great elements of traditional Chinese culture.  The Event  started with a lecture that introduced Chinese culture and history to students and  the way to celebrate the significant meaning of the Chinese New Year  as well as Chinese New Year traditions and customs. The Lecture was a great success especially by presenting a large number of pictures showing the full range of Chinese Spring Festival.

A live discussion about the theme took place and conducted  by CIUD staff. The most exciting part of the event was the well prepared sumptuous Chinese food with dumplings, sweets and other courses.

CIUD has previously organized Chinese Corner events for four times focusing on the themes of traditional Chinese culture. By providing the locals the best and warmest language context and resources, CIUD is now focusing on cultivating brand in cultural exchanges, Chinese language teaching, and mutual cultural understanding.